I'm All Done

"There is no road to peace ... ONLY PEACE!!



— Loch

"Making art to parse out my feelings

— Emma


"To process and heal for me is to see a bigger picture and know there is still good in the world. I remember smells of my loved ones and there laughs

"It’s hard to heal from any trauma or conflict. It’s like a scar from a deep wound; sure it may close and stop bleeding, but in the end you’re left with a mark you can never get rid of. Remembering those you’ve lost is similar. There’s no way to see them again so I feels useless to mourn. You never really move on like some people say you will. You just move forward, but never too far from where they are.

— Vince

"The best thing to do is get distracted. I remember my losses fearfully. Maybe I don’t want to remember at all......

— Liz

"Forgive, but never forget. It's important for me to remember those I have lost through sacred memories I hold with said individual.

— Esme

"Pay attention to signs from the universe that remind us

"Lucky for me I haven’t really lost anyone in my life. usually I try to go somewhere calm, not overwhelming and just a place I feel safe in. I also have a specific playlist that helps me think and internalize what just happened. usually I’ll try to figure out the root of the conflict and confront that so said conflict won’t happen again. In situations where that’s impossible I find the trigger for the conflict and avoid it to prevent future conflict.

— olive

"I Designed a tattoo in memory of my late Father in which everything in the tattoo represented something about him and other loved ones I find strength from.

— Kathleen

"Express, communicate and let time do it’s thing. I remember those I lost in gratitude and good memories.

— Vidya


— Flavio


"I do some self care. Sleep, shower, read, sit.... To remember those that I have lost, I remember the happy times and offer up good thoughts to them when I have them.

— Elizabeth

"See & feel them in everything

— JoAnna

"From within only serenity can be found

"There are some who I would like to forget.

"By forgiving one is forgiven by searching inside one’s self

"Conflict is difficult. I am learning not to eat, but instead to use I statements and exercise, walk, run, dance to music. Most of all stay in the moment. The people I have lost we bring with us everywhere and cardinals visit.

"Think about the event and the choices that you made. I remember those I lost by thinking about the times we had together and remembering special events.

"I use meditation and being in nature for healing as well as rembering those who I have lost

"1) talk 2) keep things around me that were special to the person lost

— Victoria Walker

"Talking with a loved one

"Using old memories feelings and emotions in a creative way allows me remember but also let go of what has happened.

— Nate


"I process and heal from conflict with self reflection. How will it affect my energy? Does it help me move forward or does it hold me back. Positive thinking.

"Conflict is inevitable.....combat is optional.

— MilllieMilllllhfkvjhsffjfhwrkjfh

"I make comics, or try to structure what I am thinking into the structure of a comics script. And it helps me feel like I have processed or organized a chaotic jumble of thoughts. But it’s not easy to do, it feel exhausting in the moment but good afterwards.

"By going to their grave

"I generally avoid conflict, but when it’s needed to heal, I will retreat and examine my own actions and how they relate to how it started. I remember those I have lost each time I see a cardinal fly by!

— Ellen

"To heal and process from conflict is very open and difficult because that all depends on the type of conflict. You will receive limitless possibilities.

"Keep objectivity and allow time to pass.

"I go to my bed and stay awake for hours, because that’s what I did with my mom and two brothers. Now that I’m adopted by a stupid family I have a lot of time to think because they don’t care about me.

"I write poems and then I submit them for publication to various university and small presses. I want my words to be seen and read. I want the people I have lost to be known in some small way.

— Margaret

"When I look back on my life, it’s not that I don’t want to see things exactly as they happened. It’s just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And truthfully the lie of it all is much more honest because I invented it. Clinical psychology tells us arguably that trauma is the ultimate killer. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics. They can be lost forever.

"I tell their stories so my memories of those I lost and held dear live on in my children’s stories where I too hope to live on some day. And on it goes so we never forget our past and recognize our ancestors can be guides to our future.

— Kay

"i cry i write i paint i cry


"Exercise Meditation Reading

"I escape to nature.

"There is only a temporary healing. For war always leaves a mark not visible. For a lasting healing one needs to go inside oneself, find solace and peace a journey that sometimes takes a lifetime. Those who advocate for war must be the people we send to war.

— Dw

"I embrace the melancholay that’s present when conflict is over. Let it run it’s natural course. Find a favorite mug and a simple tea. Feel the warmth of the tea and the lip of the mug and smell, steam as I drink it. Ground myself. Give the other party respect as a person. Move on confident in my position or considering theirs. Then sometimes I act out horribly.

— Brian

"Breathwork meditation and memories

"Trauma sends you letters, without warning, for the rest of your life, usually disguised as something else- Brenna Twohy

"I remember my late husband by absolutely feeling him come up behind me and put his arms around me while I do the dishes.

"I write it out


"sorrow & loss, where there once was joy & laughter

"I process and heal from conflict by acknowledging the things that I have done wrong and the things the other person/people have done wrong. I then think about things I could have done differently. I then address the matter to the person/people I have had the conflict with, after a few days, and I apologize for anything I have done wrong and put myself into the other persons shoes to understand what they may have felt. I try to address the matter in a sympathetic way.

"Remember the times I had with the person, both good and bad. A person is not gone as long as there memory remains in others

"Time alone to heal. Walks to process. I wear jewelry and clothing items from lost loved ones. I also enjoy time spent with them in dreams.

— S Doyle

"Anniversary and birthday relection and ritual

"Through love and harmony preaching

"1-Reflection 2-Talking to them

"I keep them close thru prayer. I Speak of them to family and friends. I learn more about them and understand them more even as the years pass.

— Mary

"As a musician I process and heal through the means of music, which, as essentially a moment in time, speaks to the ongoing and very personal nature of healing ... a process that demands our own growth.

"With love

"I woke up this morning not dead, which is a miracle, again.

— Helena

"Go to Jesus

"I don’t

"Be strong for those still here

"Acknowledge situation then think through how to deal with it constructively. Yes!

"Reflecting and introspection to process


"I typically remember the good memories versus the bad ones.

"It’s different from person to person and even then day to day. Some days are quiet, others I want to talk to anyone who will listen. Getting it out in the open and speaking the memories and trauma are what work for me.

"50% contemplation with self ; 50% discussion with loved ones


"There are multiple stages of grief, but sometimes dance around them as if they’re nothing and completely malleable The only way to heal from conflict is to keep moving forward, to act like nothing can stop you. You can never properly remember someone through stasis, because that’s not how anyone lives.

— Ethan

"I process and heal from conflict by taking a step back and taking time to myself

"Take time to rethink the conflict that took place, accept the outcome, and if you cannot see what you can do to help the situation. If you can’t, remember that everything happens for a reason. People are meant to be in our lives at certain points, and it is healthy to grow apart.

"Conflict is a necessary evil. The only way to make change is to confront the norm. Random memories that pop into your head of past love ones are the most special

— James McCormick

"I speak frequently about those who have gone before me. I also speak to my deceased husband and if I listen very carefully... I can hear him. When I need him..I know he is there.

— Cindy

"Wear their clothes and jewelry, tell their stories

"I think through it all until there is absolutely no thinking left to be had

"By thinking postively

"Acceptance, patience, willingness

"In order to heal from conflict I take some time to myself so I can gather my thoughts and allow myself to process these valid emotions I am feeling. When remembering those I have lost I try to participate in things that they enjoyed while they were here with us. When I do this I can remember the joy they felt, and the joy they brought to the people around them.

— Kelsey Martin

"Giving yourself time. I remember by being like them in as many ways as I can be.

— Catharine

"Patience, time, and calmness

— George

"It just takes time

— Shira Feder

"To start with, there are interior and exterior triggers. Either kind can jump out — unannounced— and surprise you. You cannot prepare yourself for this. But you can join in and try to gain the most from the encounter you can.

— Allen

"I just let myself cry first, I allow myself to fully feel whatever emotion is occurring. I immerse myself. I validate my emotions, then I drink some water and I reflect on what I could’ve done better/ responded better. Then I move on.

— Zed

"I technically have no “special way” of remembering those I’ve lost whether from actual death, grew apart, or just plain no longer talking. I do however keep gifts that person bought for me or their own personal things they gave me. I reflect on our time together. I remind myself that I’m allowed to miss them. All I can to is cherish the memories of the life I experienced with them.

"Clarify, don’t assume. Talking it out. Many problems have been solved with this technique

— Sam

"time heals all, be patient and work on your dreams

— Ashish

"I really love this museum!

— Emily Keene

"Refelect, meditate and express gratitude

"Time and making a life separate from what happened in the past. Loss, trauma, and grief are all encompassing. I’ve found that for me, seeking experiences that create or remind me of a me separate from my circumstance reminds me that peace is possible.

"You think only of the good

"Talk about what happened, think of what caused it, and charge those who caused it to change for the better

"People are living, breathing mosaics. We are each of us made up of tiny pieces of every person we’ve ever loved—or even hated. The only way to remember those you’ve lost is to keep living, keep moving forward, because a part of Them will always make up a part of You.

— Marisa M

"I journal, I try to talk it out. I talk about it with a trusted friend or family member.

— Lisa

"Processing conflict comes from empathizing and complex understanding. It’s easy to be angry, but difficult to reflect on where that stems from. Healing is seeing that and all the pieces that led to your passion towards the subject of that conflict.

— Courtney

"Solitude is how I heal from conflict

"To heal is to remember or discover yourself. To do this one must drop the future and the past. Once, you do this you are left with the difficult present. Yet the present is not so hard. Have a dog walk you around. You’ll quickly see the present is quite easy to live in.

— Daniel Sieker

"I have an unhealthy way to deal with conflict, it is bottled up and I try to “sleep” it away. I get tattoos for the memory of others and things that have changed me

— Unknown

"I reflect on my contributions to the conflict, and try to acknowledge the pain I have experienced from others’ words or actions. Memory for me is a constant, ongoing process. I remember those lost by living a life that honors their part in my life; I also observe traditions that call them to mind and spirit.

— Sam

"You heal from the outside, but you stay broken on the inside.

"Currently grieving the loss of my 25 year old son who died this past October. He went to Cushing Academy in MA. Here I am visiting the Cushing exhibit. Inside I find Rue Paul in textile. I was meant to come here. He guided me to view these works that stood for many of the issues he fought for as a gay man and an advocate for the marginalized. Being present, looking for signs, talking to him, those are my ways to remember .

"We say in my family, in my culture, “Eternal be thy memory,” we speak of memories and allow our loved ones in on our joy. We seek their guidance and talk of them and the happiness they brought.

— Des

"You can process and heal from a conflict by talking about it and also talking to that person that you might have had a conflict with. Some ways you can remember those you have lost is by also talking about them and bringing up special memories that you could of had with them. All in all talking can make things better.

"Meditate on the energy that is sustaining you. Let the light from within heal.

— Ronin

"To remember those I’ve lost, I keep a photos around my home to remind me of the times we shared

"I take my camera, go to a beach and take pictures of the waves and sunset.

— Christine Florio

"Sometimes just need to shut down for awhile - very overwhelming

"Reflecting, feeling, sharing, processing, connecting & through time


"Repatriation efforts of artifacts and human remains are steps that a lot of museums should take in both the present and future. Anthropologist must remind themselves about past physical anthropologist to separate themselves to be more ethical. Structural racism was very frequent in the past and it still effects us today

"To process and heal from conflict, I allow myself to feel all of the feelings I’m having. I don’t try to push them away, I just sink into the deepest parts of being human. To remember those I have lost, I look for them in everyday situations. The flowers, the smell in the air, the butterflies, their favorite movie; anything I can do to feel closer in the moment, as if the person was standing right next to me.

— Sydney Mares